A cereal-fueled listening party for the final episode of Serial.

Join us for the first-ever Breakfast with Serial listening party, the morning the final episode is released.


The final episode of Serial!!!!

All you can eat Cereal!!!

White Russians!!

Over-use of exclamation points!!!!!


Remember waking up early to eat cereal and watch cartoons before school? This is pretty much the same thing but, at a totally sweet bar and we'll also have white russians because a drink before work is something ADULTS do.

Is there a bombshell revelation that ended the season? Will the question "What's the deal with Jay?" ever be answered? Come be surprised and/or disappointed in the company of other people. No Spoilers, Guaranteed!


Strict no talking during the finale. Plenty of time for you to get to work. Plenty of time for attendees to discuss before/after.